Last Updated 23/02/2019

Odd balls Stock List

Malawi Cichlid
Malawi Cichlid
Malawi Cichlid


Ghost Knife - IN STOCK

Clown Knife - IN STOCK

Tiger Fish -  IN STOCK 

Tire Track eel -  IN STOCK

Flowerhorns (Multiple in stock)  -  IN STOCK 

Silver Shark -  IN STOCK

Red Tail Shark -  IN STOCK

Rainbow Snakehead -  IN STOCK

Diploramma Snakehead -  IN STOCK

Forest Snakehead -  IN STOCK

Bush Fish -  IN STOCK 

Various Bicher's -  IN STOCK 

Piranha -  IN STOCK  

Kissing Gourami -  IN STOCK 

Fahaka Puffer -  IN STOCK 

Temensis Bass -  IN STOCK 

Gold Kelberi Peacock Bass -   IN STOCK


Jardini Arowana -  IN STOCK  


Pipa Pipa Toad -  IN STOCK


Blue Lobster -  IN STOCK 

Crabs - IN STOCK  

Our stock lists are updated as often as possible, but if you are coming a long way please call us to check that the item is still instock and avoid disappointment

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