Last Updated 23/02/2019Other Cichlids Stock List

Malawi Cichlid
Malawi Cichlid
Malawi Cichlid

American Cichlids:

Oscars - Tiger and Albino (Various sizes) -  IN STOCK

Convict Cichlids -  IN STOCK

Texas Cichlids -  IN STOCK

Geophagus Serinemsis - NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK

Geophagus areos - NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK


Jaguar Cichlid - IN STOCK

Deppi Cichlid -  IN STOCK

Firemouth Cichlid -  IN STOCK

Jack Dempsey -  IN STOCK

Temporalis Cichlid -  IN STOCK

Jade Eye Cichlid -  IN STOCK

Keyhole Cichlid -  IN STOCK

Parrot Cichlid -  IN STOCK

Electric Blue Acara -  IN STOCK

Blue Acara (Wilds) -  IN STOCK

Severums -  IN STOCK

Yellow Acara -  IN STOCK

Green Terror -  IN STOCK

Vieja Regani -  IN STOCK 

Vieja Synspila -  IN STOCK

Salvini Cichlid -  IN STOCK

Pike Cichlid -  IN STOCK 

Spotted Tilapia -  IN STOCK

Tiger Fish - IN STOCK

Other Africans:

Kribensis - IN STOCK

Our stock lists are updated as often as possible, but if you are coming a long way please call us to check that the item is still instock and avoid disappointment

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