Last Updated 23/02/2019Catfish Stock List

Malawi Cichlid
Malawi Cichlid
Malawi Cichlid

'L' Number Pleco's: 

Bristlenoses (Super Red, Albino, Common)  - IN STOCK 

Various common plecs and Sailfins of all sizes  - IN STOCK 

High Fin Orange Marble Pleco -  IN STOCK

L190 Royal Pleco  - IN STOCK

L104 Clown Pleco - IN STOCK 

Synodontis Catfish: 

Synodontis Ocellifer - IN STOCK

Synodontis Eurupterus - IN STOCK 

Synodontis Luciapinis - IN STOCK

Corydoras Catfish: 

Peppered Corydoras  - IN STOCK

Albino Corydoras  - IN STOCK

Panda Corydoras  - IN STOCK

Julii Corydoras  - IN STOCK 

Sterbai Corydoras - IN STOCK 

Bronze Corydoras - IN STOCK

Agassizii Corydoras - IN STOCK

Bandit Corydoras - IN STOCK

Melini corydoras  - NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK 

Other Catfish: 

Otocinclus  - IN STOCK

Pimelodus pictus  - IN STOCK

Glass Catfish - IN STOCK

Banjo Catfish - IN STOCK

Hoplosternum Catfish - IN STOCK

Talking Catfish - IN STOCK

Zamora Catfish - IN STOCK

Decorus Catfish - IN STOCK

Bumble Bee Catfish - IN STOCK

Pseudo Zungaro Catfish - IN STOCK

Sperata Catfish - IN STOCK

Limia Shovelnose - IN STOCK



Our stock lists are updated as often as possible, but if you are coming a long way please call us to check that the item is still instock and avoid disappointment

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