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Frisby Aquatics

In 1969 Arthur Frisby, a world renowned 'fish man' with many new species sporting his name, opened 'Frisby Aquatics' which rapidly evolved into one of the regions leading centres. His zeal and knowledge spawned and inspired many enthusiasts over the years. On his retirement in 2006, the business was taken over by Neil Mail, a life long enthusiast who now combines pleasure with business.

Carrying on where 'Frisby' left off, Neil has breathed new life and ideas into the business, whilst still retaining the characteristics which made the Centre what it is today, with its reputation still growing, still carrying the name 'Frisbys',it boasts a community fish and Malawi cichlid section unparalleled in the region.

What an independant survey said about us...

When ringing up, I gave my story that I was thinking about setting up a goldfish tank and needed some advice. Almost immediately the guy on the other end said "is this Adam from Pets at Home?" fumbling a bit and not wanting my cover to be blown, I say no and he says how I must have a voice double. Anyway, with regard to tank size, for a couple of fancy goldfish, he recommends no less than a 2' tank, preferably 3'. There is no option about not having a filter, it is a must. The fancy goldfish will grow to 4-5" long, and with a 3' tank I shouldn't need to upgrde unless I add more fish.
This store in my view is the best in the area, and with advice like this, you can't go far wrong (although if I was to really nitpick, the fancy goldfish might grow slightly larger than that). I'd like to thank everyone at Frisby for the wonderful service they give the people of Hull. They truly are the best in the area.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetra

While commercially bred Neon Tetras have adapted well to a wide range of water conditions, in the wild they inhabit very soft, acidic waters that are usually cooler than the 25°C most tropical aquaria are maintained at. Neon Tetras can have a lifespan of up to 10 years, normally about 5 in an aquarium.

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